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I was just a kid, a sales/research assistant and Mike was always there with words of wisdom, and to give me an opportunity to gain experience in production when one arose. Before moving to Bloomberg Radio, Prewitt was the voice of business at Newsradio 88.

Irene has covered many of the biggest court trials of the past 50 years..OJ to Gotti [New York mob figure].

I appreciated being able to read the remembrances others had posted.) Thanks so much for providing your site as a resource and forum - even those of us who spent our careers 250 miles to the north remember many of the great people from WCBS.

Phil Sirkin Writer/Editor, WEEI, 1974-1979 News Director, WEEI, 1989-1991 PS I saw a reference to the fact that Peggy Noonan mentioned Dick's work at 'EEI in her first book.

I've been around long enough (first day reporting at WBBM was February 10, 1969 under the guidance of Van Gordon Sauter) so I know, or have known of, many of the people on which you have reported over the years.

Good memories of good times from the early days of all news to the present. Dick Helton Morning Show Host and Senior Political Correspondent KNX-CBS Radio, 1070 AM ong-time newswriter, editor, and producer, Mary Ellen Porrazzo, after leaving WCBS, taught journalism at Hofstra University on Long Island. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern, she was 65. Here are two of her poems: Chaos, confusion Self-importance Delusion Blaring bands Frozen smiles In the heat Mary Ellen's obituary can be found HERE arty, beloved long-time WCBS news producer, died in New Jersey on Monday, Nov. He rose from the ranks of the newspaper business to work afternoon drive for many years.

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The following morning when I showed up at the grey, shabby, rundown 'EEI newsroom to relieve him on the desk, he had taped hand-drawn pictures of plants and artwork above the folders and cart racks.

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